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Relief from headache pain for patients and guests of our practice

Migraine headaches: relief without side effects

Migraine headaches affect nearly 20 percent of the American population. Despite dozens of medications available to treat migraine, many patients are unable to adequately control their headaches. Our own Dr. Jason Cook provides specialized treatment for lasting relief of migraine and chronic headaches.  

He performs a procedure called the sphenopalatine ganglion block, or SPG block, which immediately stops the pain from migraine headache in most cases.  In this gentle, comfortable in-office procedure, Dr. Cook uses a small flexible catheter to deliver anesthetic through the nasal cavity. Due to the location of the SPG, an effective nerve block can be achieved without the use of needles or harsh medications. 

For acute headaches, a single procedure may provide complete relief.  For chronic headaches, Dr. Cook may recommend a series of blocks to achieve long-term pain resolution.


Chronic headache: a real pain in the neck

Many patients who suffer from chronic headaches actually have a problem called occipital neuralgia, which is an inflammation of the occipital nerves in the back of the head and neck. This inflammation may be due to trauma, stress, muscle tightness in the neck, or arthritis in the cervical spine.  The resulting pain is often a shooting, burning sensation up the back of the head, radiating to the temples or behind the eyes.

Proper treatment of occipital neuralgia often involves a combination of therapies, including physical therapy or chiropractic care to help resolve the underlying problem in the neck that can cause the nerve inflammation. One of the best pain relieving treatments for this disorder is an occipital nerve block injection, which Dr. Cook performs in the office.  A small amount of cortisone and anesthetic is injected into the area around the nerve in the back of the neck and usually provides immediate relief. Dr. Cook may recommend a series of these injections to achieve long-term pain resolution.

A whole-person approach to headache care

Migraine and other chronic headache disorders are very complex diseases that are rarely resolved with any single treatment.  Dr. Cook evaluates many aspects of wellness as they pertain to headache relief, including proper diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management.  He will also closely evaluate your medical history for any medications or treatments that may be making your headaches worse.  He will then help you formulate an individualized care plan to reduce your headaches and improve your quality of life.

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