Help with Depression for older adults

We are proud to offer the IMPACT program (Improving Mood and Promoting Access to Collaborative Treatment)

As your Patient-Centered Medical Home, The Family Health Centers is committed to improving quality of life for our patients over the age of sixty who experience symptoms of depression.  The IMPACT program provides treatment services for depression for our older adult patients with depression at all three of our office locations. The program is supported by a two-year grant from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust and is offered in partnership with Community Care of Western North Carlina (CCWNC.)

How it works  
  • Your care team will work to manage your path to health. 
  • The care team includes your family doctor and the IMPACT Care Manager.
  • The patient is the center of the care team.
  • The care team works together to develop and implement a plan that is right for the patient.
  • This may include medication and/or Problem-Solving Treatment. 
  • A consulting psychiatrist advises the team throughout the course of treatment.

Things to keep in mind about Depression:

Depression is a medical condition that affects a person's mood, thoughts, behavior and body. 

Depression is more complex than the temporary sadness people feel when unpleasant or stressful things happenin their lives. When a person has depression, these feelings are more intense and long-lasting. Things that used to be easy or enjoyable, like spending time with family or friends, take great effort. In later life, people face many losses and physical disccomforts. Many people also fear their depression is somehow their fault. 
Depression is NOT a weakness or character flaw.
Depression IS a medical problem. 


If you have questions about the IMPACT Program, or think you may be experiencing symptoms of depression,
please talk with your doctor during your next visit to The Family Health Centers.